Tuition and Fees

For the 2020-2021 School Year


New Student Enrollment Fees:  After an application has been accepted and payment of the $145 non-refundable application a student will proceed to online enrollment.  One-half of the enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment. The second half of the enrollment fee is due on or before June 1.  Children enrolling before January 1 of the current school year must pay the full enrollment fee.  After January 1 of the current school year the enrollment fee is half the full amount.
                                           Before April 1 After April 1
3-Day Preschool
Half or Full Day
$130 $170
5-Day Pre-Kindergarten
Half or Full Day
$430 $530
Half or Full Day
$430 $530
Grades 1-8      $430 $530
Grades 9-12              $480 $580

Annual Tuition:  Tuition may be paid over a 10-month period.  Tuition is due by the 5th of each month beginning July 5th and ending April 5th.  A $30 late fee for preschool and a $50 late fee for Grades K-12 will be assessed for tuition not paid by the 5th day of the month.  Non-payment of tuition and fees will result in termination of enrollment and the withholding of school records until payment is received.
3-Day Preschool
(T-W-TH) Half Day
3-Day Preschool
(T-W-TH) Full Day
5-Day Pre-Kindergarten
Half Day
5-Day Pre-Kindergarten
Full Day
Grades 1-5 $8800  
Grades 6-8 $9660  
Grades 9-12 $10330  

Returning student re-enrollment fees vary slightly from those listed above and are detailed in student re-enrollment documents. Tuition numbers are the same for new or returning students.

Online high school courses: find tuition and fee information here.

Other  Fees:                   
Supplement Fee: Mandatory fee due by December which covers items such as technology, library, science lab, gym shirts/shorts, PS/PK supplies, etc. $160 (Full Time students )


$75 (Part Time students)

Athletic Fee: $25/sport
(max $75 per student)
Records Day Fees:  
Vision/Hearing Screening
(Required for all 4 yr. olds, Gr. K,
1,3,5,7 & new students Gr. 2-8)
School T-Shirts (optional) $10
Milk Cards (optional) $11
Hot Lunches (optional) $5/each
FLS Purple or Gold Logo Polo Shirt  $17-19

Faith Lutheran Church has agreed to provide partial tuition grants for a limited number of families who cannot pay full tuition because of limited income or difficult financial situations.  Financial Aid information is available through the school office and must be requested by April 1 of each year.