High School

About Us

Faith Lutheran High School (FLHS) is a unique college preparatory institution. What makes us special is our Christian world view, intense classical education program of study, committed students, and outstanding teachers.

Faith Lutheran High School is owned and operated by Faith Lutheran Church, a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), yet is not exclusively for Lutherans. FLHS is open to members of other Christian churches as well. In fact, for Pre-K through High School about half the students are members and half are not.

Our curriculum is thoroughly steeped in Christian beliefs and taught from a Christian point of view. However, we do not exclusively use Christian textbooks. We believe high school is the time to begin to introduce students to theories, ideas, beliefs, and ideologies which they will encounter outside of the Christian community. We strive to explain and evaluate these based on God’s word.


  1. College preparatory curriculum
  2. Classical Education Model:-Students read primary source materials
  3. Students respond in both written and spoken form
  4. “Great Books” of western civilization used in Theology, History, and Literature (See Reading List)
  5. Four years of Theology, History, English/Literature, Math, and Science required
  6. Three years of a Foreign Language
  7. Computer Applications
  8. Computer Programming
  9. Art
  10. Band
  11. Drama

Committed Students

  1. Committed to the Lord
  2. Committed to growing their faith
  3. Committed to their studies
  4. Committed to joyful service
  5. Committed to living their faith

Outstanding Teachers

Faith employs only the finest Christian teachers. All are dedicated to the Lord and to the teaching profession. They are skilled educators with a love of teaching and their students.

Intense Program of Study

FLHS’s curriculum is extremely challenging and not for the faint of heart. Students must be above average in God-given ability and well above average in work ethic and study habits.

All subjects are taught from a Christian perspective and explore the role of faith in students’ lives and in society.


  1. Computer lab
  2. School library
  3. Cafeteria
  4. Large gymnasium and stage
  5. Science lab
  6. Art room
  7. Band room

Enrollment Policy

Faith Lutheran School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in its admission policies, administration of rights, privileges, programs and activities.

To arrange a visit with the principal, tour the school, and/or receive enrollment information call the school office at 972-423-7448.

Minimum Program Requirements

  1. 4 Years of Theology (One for each year of enrollment at FLHS)
  2. 4 Years of History (Senior Year=Government/Economics)
  3. 4 Years of Literature (English)
  4. 4 Years of Math (Must include Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra II)
  5. 4 Years of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  6. 3 Years of Foreign Language
  7. 1 Year of Formal Logic Instruction
  8. 1 Year of formal Rhetoric Instruction
  9. 2 Semesters of Fine Arts
  10. 1 Year of Computer/Technology Courses
  11. 1/2 credit of Physical Education
  12. ½ Year of Health
  13. ½ Year of Speech

28.5 Required Credits plus 3.5 Elective Credits for a Total of 32 Credits