Faith Lutheran School Plano, Texas

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Faith Lutheran School offers in-person and online high school classes.
Weekly chapel service and daily worship are an important part of student life at Faith Lutheran School.
Faith Lutheran School curriculum is based on the classical model of education.
Faith Lutheran School's classical educational program includes sports, music and fine arts.
Faith Lutheran School is fully accredited and provides classes from preschool three-year-olds through grade 12.

Ut exhibeamus omnem hominem perfectum in Christo

Our mission: That we may present each person complete in Christ

From the FLS Headmaster: 11/23/2020

The novel coronavirus has not prevented a single core activity of our school’s classical Lutheran education to be diminished.  Faith Lutheran School continues to be blessed with premier Lutheran faculty members who are absolutely devoted to the pursuit of catechizing in the Christian faith and instructing in the liberal arts the baptized and those who are to be baptized.  Children are being trained up in righteousness to the glory of God and in service to their neighbors.

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Online high school options at Faith Lutheran School

Did you know….Faith Lutheran School’s high school offers both traditional classroom and on-line courses? 2020-2021 online high school classes include Omnibus, Theology, Astronomy, Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, Physics and more.

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