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Faith Lutheran High School Class of 2019
Weekly chapel service and daily worship are an important part of student life at Faith Lutheran School.
Faith Lutheran School of Plano 8th Grade Commencement 2018
Faith Lutheran School's Classical educational program includes both sports and the fine arts.

Ut exhibeamus omnem hominem perfectum in Christo

Our mission: That we may present each person complete in Christ

From the FLS Headmaster: 5/20/19

This last week of school strongly resembles the first week of school.  This morning we gathered together in the sanctuary as we did the first week of school, indeed, as we have done throughout the school year.  

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National Latin Exam 2019

National Latin Exam 2019 results: Faith Lutheran School middle school and high school students recently participated in the National Latin Exam. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding performance!

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