Kindergarten Curriculum

Religion – Bible

  1. Recount the story of God and His people in chronological order
  2. Daily prayer, singing of hymns, and worship time
  3. Weekly chapel
  4. Weekly Scripture memory verses

Language Arts – Spalding / Memoria Press

  1. Systematically teaches recognition of letters and phonemic awareness
  2. Introduces sound/spelling systematically
  3. Direct instruction in blending sounds into words
  4. Builds fluency through use of decodable books
  5. Connects spelling to phonics through dictation and spelling activities

Math – Saxon

  1. Systematically teaches math concepts through active participation
  2. Introduces problem solving activities
  3. Math concepts incorporated in daily discovery process during “Math Meeting”
  4. Exposes students to calendar concepts, coin counters, and graphs
  5. Challenges students to analyze data, see patterns, and explore mathematical relationships
  6. Introduces addition, subtraction, measurement, time, and money concepts

Science and Geography

  1. Basic overview of physical, life, and earth science
  2. Scientific vocabulary
  3. Using a map to find places
  4. Using directions of North, South, East, West
  5. Picturing places like United States, treasure map, street map
  6. Learn about the globe with continents and oceans
  7. Identify topography using map key


  1. Learn how a timeline works
  2. Learn histories of people, holidays, places, and things
  3. God’s work in history
  4. An understanding of what happened and when

Enrichment Activities

  1. Library
  2. Music
  3. Physical Education
  4. Art

Kindergarten Special Events

  1. Field Trips
  2. 100th Day of School
  3. Field Day
  4. Outdoor Education
  5. Class Parties
  6. Splash Day
  7. Reading Partners
  8. Thanksgiving Feast