Eighth Grade Curriculum

Religion – Bible (ESV)

  1. Doctrine/Bible study taught by a pastor
  2. Contemporary issues and application of God’s Word to our daily lives taught by Lutheran teachers
  3. Memorization of key Bible passages and parts of Luther’s Small Catechism

English – Elements of Language – Holt/Rinehart/Winston – Lost Tools of Writing

  1. Basis of English grammar, mechanics and usage
  2. Persuasive writing and logic using the Lost Tools of Writing curriculum
  3. Research skills and report writing major part of curriculum

Literature – Selected Novels

  1. In depth study of five to six selected novels      
  2. Study of short story
  3. Students present a Shakespearean theatre production each year
  4. Recognizing characteristics of various literary genre
  5. Literary elements and devices
  6. Comprehension and analysis of text

Journalism (2nd Semester)

  1. Study of the history of communications and newspapers in America
  2. Review of the 1st Amendment and its relationship to journalism
  3. Study of bias in the media
  4. Examine and create political cartoons
  5. Write and publish news articles for the school newspaper

Physical Science – Apologia with Supplementation

  1. Units of study include kinematics, thermodynamics, chemistry, earth and space science
  2. Lab activities to improve scientific reasoning and observation skills
  3. Preparation for high school science courses
  4. Participation in Science Fair

Math – Saxon – Course 3

  1. Pre-Algebra course
  2. Real number properties and operations
  3. Geometry, measurement, trigonometric ratios
  4. Data analysis and probability
  5. Algebraic thinking, equation-solving, applications, graphing, functions 

Math – Algebra I – Jacobs

  1. Students who meet the criterion for advancement to Algebra may take this course for high school credit.                                                      

U.S. History – Glencoe/McGraw Hill

  1. American History, beginning with the exploration and settlement of the American continent and ending with modern America
  2. Thorough grounding in the U.S. Constitution and government at the federal level
  3. Various aspects of our great country, including geography, national treasures, and American traditions      

Foreign Languages

Middle School Latin II – Richard LaFleur, Wheelock’s Latin

Passing Students receive HS Latin I credit and are promoted to HS Latin II.  Failing students placed in HS Latin I.

  1. Rules of Latin Grammar
  2. English Definitions
  3. Principal Parts and Stems
  4. Inflection and Parsing
  5. The Subjunctive Mood
  6. Case Uses
  7. Clause Structure
  8. Sentences by Real Latin Authors

Spanish I – Powerspeak Internet Course

  1. Eighth grade students choose between Latin I or Spanish I
  2. These are high school level courses
  3. Based on mastery in these courses students may receive high school credit with teacher recommendation


  1. Touch Typing
  2. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  3. Use of the Internet for research


  1. Recognition and use of various elements of art, color, line, and shape
  2. Study of famous artists and works
  3. A variety of curriculum resources are utilized, including Arts Attack, Masterworks art book, and other supplemental and online materials.

Fine Arts Electives (Choose 1-2 electives)

  1. Intermediate Band
  2. Strings
  3. Choir
  4. Handbell Choir

Physical Education

  1. Development of life fitness skills
  2. Sports skills, rules, and games:  volleyball, basketball, softball and others
  3. Track and field events in preparation for field days
  4. Fitness testing in the fall and spring


  1. Choir/Band Concert
  2. Christmas program/Fall musical
  3. Field Trip
  4. Scholar Bowl Competition
  5. Shakespearean Theatre production
  6. Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Math Contest
  7. Sports teams:  football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf
  8. Student Council
  9. Texas History Tour/Outdoor Education trip