FLHS: Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Is the high school accredited?   Faith Lutheran High School is accredited by the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education, National Lutheran School Association, and the Lutheran School Accreditation Commission of Texas.
  2. What benefits does accreditation give? Accreditation ensures high standards are being met in various aspects of education:  curriculum, student health and safety, facilities, finances and more.   Graduates from FLHS have access to all the rights and privileges given to our Texas public school counterparts in college admission.
  3. Can my child earn college credit while attending FLHS?   Yes. Graduates of FLHS have earned numerous credits through this program, with one recent graduate earning 29 college credits! FLHS currently has relationships with Collin College, Concordia University, Nebraska and Concordia University, Wisconsin to administer dual credit classes.
  4. What about math and science? FLHS has an excellent mathematics and science curriculum that prepares students for university studies.  Several FLHS graduates have attended Texas A&M University and other prestigious colleges universities as mathematics majors.  FLHS students excel in dual credit mathematics and science courses.
  5. Doesn’t a small high school have too many limitations? The vast majority of educational research suggests small class size is key to individualized student attention, maximum student achievement and success.  Small class size is one of our greatest strengths!  Our size gives us flexibility.  We find innovative ways to address the unique interests of our students both during the school day and in extra-curricular activities.
  6. My student is not ready for a rigorous classical education, can he still come to FLHS? Absolutely!  FLHS has three tracks of study: Core, Honors and Distinguished Achievement. Core meets all the stands for a college bound high school diploma in the State of Texas and includes the quality subject matter of the classical curriculum.  Honors contains all the elements of Core but adds the requirement to take at least eight honors classes.  Distinguished Achievement requires students to take all Honors/Advanced Honor classes and is especially for the college bound scholar that seeks rigorous preparation for the university.
  7. What about sports? Recreational league sports opportunities such as flag football, volleyball, cross country, soccer, archery and basketball are available based on student interest. 
  8. My kids are going to have to live in the “real world” sooner or later. Isn’t it better to make a transition in high school rather than college?  FLHS offers a “real world” education in a Christian context.  For example, students that participate in Collin College classes are exposed to professors and students who may not share their Christian worldview.  Students can discuss opposing worldviews they encounter outside of FLHS with pastors and teachers who share their faith.  The FLHS community is an invaluable resource for students as they live in the world but are not of the world.
  9. If I attend Faith Lutheran High School will I be able to get into a good college? This is a very important question, and the answer is a resounding yes! FLHS graduates average just over 1260 on the SAT. Most FLHS students also take some college courses beginning in their junior year through the dual credit relationships with Collin College, Concordia University, Nebraska and Concordia University, Wisconsin. Seniors typically graduate with 16-26 college credits. While these scores and achievements are fantastic, we are far more proud of what fine young men and women these students become. Not only will they be a credit to our school and their families, they will be of great service to God and their fellow man.
  10. I heard Faith Lutheran High School is really challenging. Reading isn’t my strongest subject. Could I keep up and be successful if I attend FLHS? We don’t sugarcoat the rigor of our program. It is a college-preparatory program designed to push and challenge you like never before. However, it may surprise you to learn that we do not have all top 10 percent ability students. According to the Cognitive Abilities test we give, we have had more than one successful student whose God-given abilities score in the 40th-60th percentile. Yet these students are succeeding and pulling mostly A’s with an occasional B. It takes a willingness to work and a desire to seek God’s will in your life with diligence and perseverance.
  11. I don’t like some of the negative influences of state and federal governments in schools, doesn’t FLHS have to comply with Common Core?   FLHS receives no federal or state dollars.  We do not have to implement Common Core.  Therefore, we may act according to our conscience rather than federal dictums.

Do you want to learn more about Faith Lutheran High School? Please call our office at 972.423.7448 or email us.