What is Grammar?

Although the term grammar is typically used to describe the rules of the English language, every subject has a grammar – a set of rules or basic facts. Grammar is truth in the most straightforward manner.

The grammar for each subject lays the foundation for all other learning in that subject. An education built upon these concrete facts endures through adolescence well into adulthood. Children in their elementary years act as sponges, anxious to soak in the world around them. Therefore, it makes sense to fill that world with the solid truths that they are able to use for the rest of their lives. This stage should not be filled with the abstract. Young children cannot comprehend abstracts because they have not yet reached the physical or cognitive maturity necessary to process such information. Instead, they are ready to absorb what is simply placed in front of them.

One of the major teaching tools employed during the grammar stage is memorization. During the elementary years, children possess an enormous capacity to memorize. Not only do they find success in this challenge, but they enjoy it as well! Once a fact is committed to memory, the pupil owns it and is able to call on it during future stages of learning. Memorizing also benefits the child because it requires a certain degree of effort. The student learns that it is necessary to invest significant time and energy in order to achieve success. A proper work ethic developed in the beginning stages of education is likely to carry throughout an entire lifetime.

The value of a classical education begins with the proper foundation being carefully laid in the grammar stage. In addition to solid academic groundwork, Faith Lutheran School welcomes the opportunity to teach your child the highest of all truths – salvation through the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.