FLHS Senior Spotlight: Caleb Babisak

Caleb M. Babisak
Faith Lutheran High School
Summa Cum Laude – Honors Track

Father’s name: Matt Babisak
Mother’s name: Jennifer Babisak

Where do you plan to attend college and major in, and what are your career plans? I plan on attending Concordia University, Nebraska to major in Psychology. While there, I will also be in the pre-seminary program in preparation to attend seminary.

What school activities have you been involved in? I’ve been involved in Student Council, Debate, Theatre, Choir, Flag Football, Basketball, and Soccer.

What teacher impacted you the most and how? Mr. Merritt has impacted me the most because he taught my favorite subject while in high school, which was Omnibus. But also Mr. Merritt taught me things that have helped prepare me for the “real” world.

What is the most interesting school project/assignment you have done? The most interesting school project I have done is the Lord of the Rings “lost chapter” assignment. For this project we had to write our own chapter based off of the Lord of the Rings.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates? Make sure to take your classes seriously, but try not to stress out too much. Because stress never led to anything good.

What is your favorite Bible verse? Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”