News from Second Grade

News from Second Grade: We have had such an exciting school year in second grade and can’t believe we are almost done!

Some of the highlights of our school year include:

🦖 A visit to the Heard Museum in the fall, where we were able to see their dinosaur exhibit and engage in a study about our solar system.

🐸 In science, we studied the life cycle and had the amazing experience of observing the metamorphosis of a tadpole in our classroom aquarium. We now have a healthy and very active frog in our tank!

🐔 In March, we visited Heritage Farmstead and learned all about life on the farm and had some fun feeding the animals and doing chores!

📖 One of our favorite classes is Religion, where we continue to study God’s Word and His love for us. The second graders really enjoy getting to use their Bible to look up Bible stories and their weekly Bible memory verse.

📚 A few of our favorite literature books we have read this year include: My Father’s Dragon, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Charlotte’s Web, and The Velveteen Rabbit.

❤️ Thank you for your prayers this school year and for continuing to support our school. -Mrs. Pierson’s Second Grade Class