News from 3rd & 4th Grade

Third and fourth grade are exciting years in our school. Students move upstairs, get lockers, and have a lot more homework.

In third grade, students study ancient Greece and Rome and read mythology and Homer. In fourth grade, they learn long division, and get to do science labs with Miss Roundey like the older students. Our favorite class this year is probably art. The third graders made Minoan frescoes, and the fourth graders are working on Byzantine mosaics.

One of the most memorable parts of third and fourth grade is that we spend a lot of time studying the Bible and the liturgy. In fact, we memorize the Athanasian Creed, and we are very good at reciting it. We love singing hymns, and we have many of those memorized, too. There are several special things about being in third and fourth grade. Before Christmas, we took a field trip to the Dallas Heritage Museum to help us learn more about Texas history. When the weather warms up again, we will go fishing for outdoor education.

We are learning manners and etiquette this spring, and we will be hosting a tea party for Celebrate Life Week. We also have a class pet, a bearded dragon named Walther.

Mrs. Rivers – 3rd and 4th grade teacher