FLHS Class of 2021: Olivia Hitz

Olivia Hitz
Faith Lutheran High School Class of 2021 Valedictorian

Where do you plan to attend college and major in, and what are your career plans? I plan to major in Early Childhood Education at Concordia University Chicago and become a Lutheran school teacher.

What school activities have you been involved in? I’ve been a part of the high school choir, student council, the volleyball team, The Deers (girls choir quartet), and the cross country team.

What teacher impacted you the most and how? Miss Rebekah Roundey has been my teacher for geometry, chemistry, astronomy, and physics. She has impacted me the most because of her enthusiasm and love of math and science. Her excitement every morning was contagious and made me want to learn whatever she was teaching. Mr. Timothy Merritt has also greatly impacted me through his lively discussions in Omnibus class about books we read. He also taught great lessons about virtue and work ethic that will help me in the future.

What is the most interesting school project/assignment you have done? In Latin class, we were assigned to write letters in Latin to students from other schools. After many years of reading classics in Latin, it was fun to figure out how to use an ancient language to write about current events in our lives. We had another assignment in which we translated scenes from “Shrek” into Latin and then recorded a voiceover for those scenes. It was a funny, yet educational project.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates? In Omnibus class, you will read a lot of great books. Most of the books are engaging and fun to read, but some are more of a challenge. Having a positive attitude about all of the books and purposely trying to find something interesting about every book will help you learn the material better. Also, make sure you are prepared to participate in class discussions because that will help you get even more out of it.