News from 3rd & 4th Grade

Few of you have had a chance to walk to the halls of Faith Lutheran School in the last year, and unfortunately, you are missing out.

Most of us assume that all schools are like the ones that we attended and are basically all alike. However, as someone who has taught in many Lutheran and public schools, I can say without hesitation that what happens at Faith is hardly normal. What happens on a daily basis at 1701 E Park Boulevard is nothing short of miraculous.

Each day, our students and teachers gather around the Word of God. The students genuinely participate in worship. They sing the ancient hymns of the church—hymns and liturgy that the students have learned to love during their years in our school. They read the Scriptures eagerly. They celebrate their baptisms joyfully. They confess the truth boldly. They have been given a great gift, and they know it.

As the world around us grows darker and more deviant, the church is alive and growing inside this building. The future pastors, teachers, musicians, and laity are growing up here, in the safety of the Word. They are learning
what is good, beautiful, and true, and they are learning how to fight what is evil, ugly, and false. Each day, they are preparing to battle the evils they will face when they grow up, and they are celebrating the beautiful gifts and blessings that God has given to us.

So what has the third and fourth grade learned this year? They have learned multiplication and division. They have learned direct objects and Latin declensions. They have read about the Roman Republic and feudalism. They have painted and learned to play the piano and the recorder.

These things are all good things, but they have learned so much more than these things. They have studied the Word and learned to confess the faith that God has so lavishly bestowed on them. Faith Lutheran School is anything but normal, and we thank God for that, especially in this highly abnormal year.

-Mrs. Christy Rivers, 3rd and 4th grade teacher
Faith Lutheran School – Plano, Texas