News from Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade is a year of changes for students at Faith Lutheran School. Entering middle school usually means having several different teachers, storing books in lockers, changing classrooms, and learning how to get to class on time.

This year brought many changes, but not necessarily the same ones. Beginning the school year under COVID restrictions has brought some new challenges for middle school students and their teachers. For instance, instead of the students changing classrooms, the teachers are moving to the students. All books and supplies are kept at students’ desks instead of lockers. (Now it’s the teachers who have to remember to bring everything for class!) While this might make things easier for students, it does limit the time they have to move around and see other classmates.

The Sixth Graders are also eating lunch in the classroom each day instead of in the cafeteria. This involves students bringing hot lunches and milk cartons upstairs as well as cleaning up after themselves. But it’s also a convenient time to read, do homework or visit. One of the Sixth Grade students isn’t even here at school. He joins the class online through EZTalks. Remote students learn from home by logging in to live classes, downloading homework assignments, and participating in class with headphones and a microphone.

No one knows how long these restrictions may last or when we might be able to get back to a “normal” school year, but all challenges aside, we are all thankful that we are able to continue giving and receiving a classical Christian education at Faith.

-Mrs. Nancy Ingram, FLS 6th grade homeroom teacher