In the classroom at FLS: preschool and pre-K

In the classroom at FLS: Preschool has been out of this world since our return from Christmas break! We are studying the earth, sun, moon, planets, and stars along with space travel.

We returned to school January 6 (Epiphany) so we began with the stars because our Bible story was from Matthew 2 – about the Three Wise Men following the star to find the Savior. We love learning Bible stories during “Jesus Time,” but all of our subjects are taught from the Biblical world view.

As we study the solar system, we are able to review the days of creation which we memorized at the beginning of the school year and see God’s hand in earth’s perfect placement in relation to the sun and all that is put in place to sustain life. We have learned through photographs, books, and hands-on activities such as pretending to be the earth rotating around the sun and boarding the space shuttle located in the room.

In literature, we have enjoyed many Mother Goose Rhymes having to do with night, stars, and sleeping, along with stories about astronauts, Curious George, and Goodnight Moon. In art, we have learned how to draw simple stars, make a telescope, make a paper mache planet, and “replicate” “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh. We had a wonderful time at the Heard Museum where we learned more about the earth through a special presentation involving a large, lighted globe.

The students have learned geography with our classroom globe and are working on learning their own addresses. A science lesson highlight each year is the cork blastoff! We count backwards and are amazed we can shoot a cork higher than the school building with just vinegar and baking soda! We are thankful for each day in preschool where we get to learn more about God our Father and Creator!

-Mrs. Michelle Holmes, FLS preschool and PreK teacher and early childhood program director