From the FLS Headmaster: 3/5/2018

This weekend I came across a free downloadable resource from Emmanuel Press, Starck’s Motherhood Prayers for All Occasions. From the German Edition of Dr. F. Piper. Translated and edited by W.H.T. Dau. The resource is in the Old King James English.

I found this lovely prayer on pages 64-65.


O Lord, almighty God, Father of all grace and mercy! Behold, among other gifts of Thy grace Thou hast also given me children, for which I praise and bless Thee with all my heart. But oh, my God, when I look upon my children as precious pledges which Thou hast placed in my keeping, which Jesus has redeemed with His holy blood and Thou hast received as Thy children in Holy Baptism, oh, I am filled with anxiety lest through my fault one of them should be lost. Thou sayest to me and all parents: Keep this child; if by any means it be missing, then shall thy life be for its life. Therefore, O Father of all grace, I come to Thee, and present before Thee my children. I shall do for them what I can, but the best part must be done by Thee. Oh, bless my children; be their companion in all their ways; keep them in Thy holy fear, that they may never offend and grieve Thee by gross sins, or bring injury and shame upon themselves. Grave upon my children’s heart the name Jesus; let Jesus dwell in them and sanctify their hearts, that they may never lose their gracious God and a good conscience. Guard them against being misled by evil company; remind them at all times by Thy Holy Spirit of Thy most holy presence, that they may bear in mind that Thou art with them at home and abroad, by day and by night, in society and in solitude. Let Thy angel go with them in all their walks, and guard them when they are traveling in foreign parts in the business of their calling. Give them at all times Thy angels for companions as Thou didst to young Tobit; rescue them from danger by Thy angels, as Thou ‘didst Lot; let them, like Jacob, enjoy the angels’ protection.

If it should please Thee to put upon me a cross through the death, sickness, or misfortune of my children, give me patience in such an affliction, and let me bear in mind that nothing can happen without Thee. Thou hast the right to take from me the children which ‘Thou hast given me. If Thou wilt take my children to Thyself by death, in order that I may be roused to love Thee alone, oh, keep me, while walking this thorny path, trusting and hoping in Thy almighty power, being assured that, as Thou canst do all things, Thou art able also to end or mend my children’s cross.

Bestow upon my children also Thy temporal blessing; provide for them, nourish and cherish them, give them food and clothing, and deal with them as a faithful Father. Be their Helper in danger, their Succor in affliction, their Physician in sickness. Give them a good heart, a good intellect, and a sound body, that they may live before Thee and honor and praise Thee. Give them also an obedient and humble heart; let them grow up under Thy blessing, that I may have comfort and joy in them.

0 God, hear my prayer, and remember that they are Thy children as well as mine; therefore let my sighings in behalf of my children ascend to Thy throne of grace, and hear them. On the last day let me with all my children stand at Thy right side, and say to Thy praise: Behold, here I am, my God, and the children which Thou gavest me; I have lost none of them. Yes, my God, grant that none of my children may perish, but that they may enter into Thy glory with me, and I with them,

Never from Thy pastures roving, Let them be the Lion’s prey; Let Thy tenderness, so loving, Keep them through life’s dangerous way. Then within Thy fold eternal Let them find a resting-place: Feed in pastures ever vernal, Drink the rivers of Thy grace. Amen.


Gracious Savior, gentle Shepherd,
Children all are dear to Thee;
Gathered with Thine arms, and carried
In Thy bosom, may they be;
Sweetly, fondly, safely tended,
From all want and danger :free.

Tender Shepherd, never leave them
From Thy fold to go astray;
By Thy warning love directed,
May they walk the narrow way;
Thus direct them, thus defend them,
Lest they fall an easy prey.

Cleanse their hearts from sinful folly
In the stream Thy love supplied,
Mingled stream of love and water
Flowing from Thy wounded side;
And to heavenly pastures lead them,
Where Thine own still waters glide.

Rev. Stephen W. Kieser
Headmaster / Associate Pastor