FLS Students Shine at Math Contest

On Friday, March 20, 2018, our students did a fantastic job at the Metroplex Math Contest at Dallas Lutheran School!

Individual Ribbons:
Ethan Boe—1st place, Real World
Audrey Chen—2nd place, Real World
3rd place, Beat the Clock (tie)
Jocelyn Chen—3rd place, Number Zone
Julia Voicu—3rd place, Beat the Clock (tie)
Elizabeth Crawford—3rd place, Number Zone
Elizabeth Koch—1st place, Real World
Nathan Mahrt— 2nd place, Number Zone
Mecka Sarty—2nd place, Real World
Julia Hitz—1st place, Number Zone
Annie West—3rd place, Number Zone
Ashley Gray—3rd place, Number Zone
Mwamure Njuguna—3rd place, Real World
Overall Team Plaques:
5th grade – 1st place
6th grade – 3rd place
8th grade – 3rd place
Congratulations to all our students! Way to go, Lions!