Kindergarten Curriculum

Religion – Northwestern Publishing – Christ Light

  1. Recounts the story of God and His people in chronological order
  2. Stories are presented in context to help develop a fuller understanding of what it means to be a redeemed child of God
  3. A teacher directed Bible study is the central element with interactive reinforcement activities to aid students in retention
  4. Daily prayer, praise, and worship time
  5. Weekly chapel
  6. Weekly Scripture memory verses
  7. Language Arts – Spalding

  8. Systematically teaches recognition of letters and phonemic awareness
  9. Introduces sound/spelling systematically
  10. Direct instruction in blending sounds into words
  11. Builds fluency through use of decodable books
  12. Connects spelling to phonics through dictation and spelling activities
  13. Math – Saxon

  14. Systematically teaches math concepts through active participation
  15. Introduces problem solving activities
  16. Math concepts incorporated in daily discovery process during “Math Meeting”
  17. Exposes students to calendar concepts, coin counters, and graphs
  18. Challenges students to analyze data, see patterns, and explore mathematical relationships
  19. Introduces addition, subtraction, measurement, time, and money concepts
  20. Social Studies and Science

    These subjects are integrated into the Language Arts curriculum.

    Concepts include:

  21. Community awareness
  22. Connections to the larger world
  23. Geographic, social, and economic aspects of the world
  24. Incorporates literature, biographies, and lessons about real people
  25. Exposes students to life, physical, earth, and health science
  26. Integrates hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom
  27. Typical Learning Centers

  28. Reading Center
  29. Listening Center
  30. WritingCenter
  31. Art Center
  32. Enrichment Activities

    • Library
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Art
    • Computer
    • Kindergarten Special Events

    • Field Trips
    • 100th Day of School
    • Field Day
    • Outdoor Education
    • Class Parties
    • Splash Day
    • Reading Partners
    • Thanksgiving Feast