Fourth Grade Curriculum

Religion – Northwestern Publishing – Christ Light


  1. Scripture verses, catechism, hymns

Bible Study

  1. Regular study of God’s Word, especially through Bible stories
  2. Follow-up activities to reinforce concepts taught
  3. Regular classroom worship
  4. Weekly chapel


  1. Reading and novel study
  2. Continuation of fluid reading
  3. Comprehension skills, some instruction on word attack
  4. Written expression
  5. Study skills/test taking skills
  6. In depth study of selected novels
  7. Use school and public library

English – Shurley Grammar

  1. Grammar, sentence structure, mechanics, diagramming
  2. Structured and creative writing
  3. Book reports-oral and written
  4. Writing a research paper
  5. Listening skills
  6. Oral communication skills

Spelling – Spalding

  1. Weekly list (25 words)
  2. New words based on core (high frequency words)
  3. High priority word list (100 words)
  4. Weekly writing/spelling sample
  5. Weekly sentence dictation test

Handwriting – Spalding

  1. Review manuscript and cursive handwriting
  2. Weekly practice worksheets
  3. Using notebook paper to help make transition to daily work
  4. Self-evaluation opportunities

Texas History – Harcourt

  1. Geography ofTexas
  2. Historical study of the development ofTexasfrom the Native Americans to statehood and today
  3. Projects/research paper

Math – Saxon

  1. Incremental approach (continual review)
  2. Systematic development of problem-solving strategies
  3. Calendar, clock, money, measurement
  4. Analyzing data, exploring number theory
  5. Continue with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, fractions, decimals, integers, ratios and percent
  6. Continued practice using mental math, estimation, and probability
  7. Beginnings of Algebra and Geometry
  8. Time computation tests
  9. Logic

Science – Bob Jones

  1. Life, earth, physical, and health sciences with a Biblical perspective
  2. Hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom

Latin – Mars Hill

  1. Correct pronunciation of letters and words
  2. Acquisition of Latin vocabulary
  3. Latin derivatives in English
  4. Grammar in Latin and English
  5. Paradigms in chants
  6. Latin quotes and expressions
  7. Simple translation
  8. Roman history & Greek/Roman mythology


  1. Recorder (plastic flute)
  2. Note names and values
  3. Field trips to symphony and musicals
  4. Choir participation


  1. Literacy
  2. Tutorial/simulation
  3. Keyboard/word processing
  4. Research

Physical Education

  1. Developmental skills (large/fine motor skills)
  2. Exercise, track skills, running, developmental games for sports, fitness skills


  1. Art – Arts Attack
  2. Nursing home devotions
  3. Outdoor Education
  4. Celebrate Life Week
  5. Science Fair
  6. Christmas and school programs
  7. Sports
  8. Lutheran Field Day
  9. Scholar Bowl
  10. Reading incentive programs