Fifth Grade Curriculum

Religion – Northwestern Publishing – Christ Light

  1. Study of God’s Word through Bible stories
  2. Application of God’s Word to our daily lives
  3. Memorization of key Bible passages and chief parts of Luther’s Small Catechism


  1. Practice in word recognition and vocabulary development
  2. Study of literacy devices (e.g. plot, point of view, characterization) through the use of different literary genre
  3. In-depth study of at least eight novels
  4. Required personal reading, oral and written book reports

Language Arts – Shurley Grammar; English Made Easy; Spalding Spelling 

  1. Grammar, sentence structure, mechanics, diagramming
  2. Use of reference materials and library skills
  3. Practice writing skills in expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative essays
  4. Practice research skills and report writing
  5. Weekly spelling tests based on high frequency words
  6. Daily cursive handwriting practice reinforced in all subject areas

Math – Saxon

  1. Whole number concepts and computation
  2. Fractions, decimals, and percentages
  3. Problem solving strategies
  4. Practice in mental math
  5. Continual review using an incremental approach

History – Harcourt – U.S. History 

  1. Overview ofUnited Stateshistory from colonial period to present day
  2. Reinforcement and practice of map skills
  3. Current events

Latin III – Latin Primer Book II & III

  1. Review of vocabulary from Latin I & II
  2. Acquisition of new Latin vocabulary
  3. Latin derivatives in English language
  4. Verb conjugations and tenses
  5. Noun declensions and cases
  6. Grammar in Latin and English
  7. Paradigms in chants
  8. Translation from Latin to English and English to Latin
  9. Study of Roman history and culture
  10. Greek and Roman mythology
  11. Hymns and Bible passages in Latin

Science – Bob Jones

  1. Goal is to uplift God as the Creator and sustainer of the universe
  2. Enhance understanding of the creation
  3. Emphasis on scientific inquiry and activities
  4. Students encouraged to hypothesize, make observations, and analyze data
  5. Units of study include the animal kingdom, forest communities, ecology, weather, astronomy, and energy
  6. Science lab for experimental study


  1. Opportunity to participate in school choir
  2. Students not in choir take Music Appreciation; emphasis on musical history and study of musical forms
  3. Opportunity to participate in beginning band 

Art – Arts Attack Program

  1. Recognition and use of various elements of art; color, line, shape, texture
  2. Study of famous artists and their works


  1. Literacy
  2. Tutorial/simulation
  3. Keyboard/word processing
  4. Research

Physical Education

  1. Developmental skills (large/fine motor skills)
  2. Exercise, track skills, running, developmental games for sports, fitness skills


  1. Nursing home devotions
  2. Outdoor Education
  3. Science Fair
  4. Christmas program/Spring musical
  5. Sports teams; soccer, volleyball, basketball
  6. Lutheran Track and Field Day
  7. Scholar Bowl
  8. Choir/band concert
  9. Field trips