News from Seventh Grade: Science Fair

The seventh graders have been working on science fair projects.  Some of these projects include generating electricity from water and melting ice using rock salt, sea salt and sand. 

Generating electricity from water was Kenny Richmond’s project.  He used a watermelon, an iPod, and iPod charger and an ice chest.  He used the iPod as a meter to measure the electricity generated in the watermelon.


Melting ice using rock salt, sea salt and sand was Divjot Mand’s project.  He put rock salt on one ice cube, sea salt on another ice cube and sand on another ice cube. He then timed to see how long it took for each to melt the ice.  The purpose of this experiment was to find out what material would be best to melt ice on certain roadways.

(A version of this article, by FLS student Suraj Janakiraman, appeared in “The Lion’s Pride” school newspaper on February 4, 2014.)